Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sang Nila Utama

Was watching the National Day Parade on TV yesterday with Adrian and my sister-in-law and her husband when we saw that the format of the parade this year was on Singapore's history since the legendary founding days of Sang Nila Utama.

According to legend, Sang Nila Utama was a Javanese prince who was also an explorer/adventurer. On his travels, he chanced upon a little island called Temasek (or Tumasik). To cut the long story short, on the jungled island, he spotted a large, magnificent creature and was told by his men that the strange creature was a Singa (Lion). And Sang Nila Utama henceforth renamed Temasek to Singapura - Lion City.

So we started discussing - now what if Sang Nila Utama hadn't spotted a lion?

Possible what-if names Sang Nila Utama spotted a...

Mousedeer: Kancilpore
Monkey: Monyetpore
Tiger: Harimaupore
Elephant: Gajahpore
Rat: Tikuspore
Chicken: Ayampore
Spider: Labah-labahpore
Snake: Ularpore
Horse: Kudapore

Can't imagine singing "Count on me Monyetpore..." or saying "We, the citizens of Kancilpore...".

Luckily Sang Nila Utama spotted a lion.

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